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Scientists who invented virginal ring now seeing results

Scientists who invented the virginal ring that prevents women from contracting HIV have expressed happiness as their research on the ring has yielded results as expected with the ring able to reduce 31% of new HIV infections among women according to the research findings.

Releasing the results, Dr. Clemensia Nakabiito, a senior consultant obstetrician and gynecologist who is also the lead person in the research and Flavia Matovu Kiweewa from Makerere university and John Hopkins university confirm that the research which was carried out among 253 women whom they consider to be at risk of contracting
the disease in the country reveals that women aged above 25 years adhered to the method showing that 61% of them were standing higher chances of not contracting the disease but those between 18 -21 years did not adhere to the methods with the reason being that they were not comfortable having the ring which saw them remove it and hence
contract the disease.

Virginal Ring

Virginal Ring

Results continue to reveal that 27% of the women who had the ring did not contract the disease after the two years of the research as the experts monitored them for a couple of years. The researchers are now planning to innovate another virginal ring that can stay for more than four months and as well as contraceptives that can prevent unwanted pregnancies compared to this one that is inserted for just a month and is replaced.

A similar research was also carried out in Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda and now the researchers hope that when the ring is licensed by the authorities, then Ugandans will be able to access it at only USD 5.

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