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Some of the simple rules for dressing a curvy body

leilaThere  are still some of those ladies in uganda that still embrace their curves. We love our heritage that’s for sure. Embracing your beautiful curves starts with dressing them right. Which is not as easy as it sounds for some of us. Not many ladies know how to dress their curves right. So h ere are afew important rules you should follow if you want to  dress your curves right:

Prints and patterns work perfectly, you can wear your printed skirt in every way possible. Just pick up a silhouette that is perfect for your shape. Always remember that the printed detail draws attention to your body which can be flattering. The trick is to always find that print that is perfect for your shape.

Fitting into a dress that is a size smaller will never work. Many of us young ladies try as much as possible to dress up in slim tight skirts and dresses. We always think that dressing up in outfits which are a size smaller will do the magic. Which is totally false and hugely unflattering. Always look for that outfit that is your size, it is the only one you’ll look good in.

Always stick to material that stretches, this is because strechy fabric such as leather is very flattering. Your beautiful curves will stand out with these.  Anything that tries to suck them up makes you a little fatter than you are. Which is a fact.

Make sure you don’t show off too much skin. While our friends who are less curvy enjoy dressing up in micro mini outfits, that is not an option for us the curvy girls. Every time you try to show off too much skin, you are going to look really bad. It is then that you’ll show off all your flaws. Stick to midi skirts and dresses or anything that goes slightly above the knees.

Many of us think that the bust is the only area where the magic comes from but that is not true. There’s a lot to work with. For example high heels make you slimmer and a lot taller. You can work with your hair and accessories too. That belt you love so much is going to draw attention to your bust instead of your hips if you have wrong colours on.



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