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Ugandans gear up for International Cultural Fair

Preparations for the Uganda International Cultural Fair are in top gear at the Uganda Museum in Kampala that is slated for the 29th to 31st July 2016.

As a way of drumming up support for the event, the Uganda Tourism Board late last week organised the Uganda international cultural fair Schools’ cultural quiz media briefing that saw schools participating in showing case diverse cultures. The school included, the Turkish light academy,Gallaxy international school  and Kitante Primary School.

The Uganda International Cultural Fair is being organized by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development together with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in conjunction with Perfect Events aims at establishing a platform where both Ugandan and International communities celebrate their diverse cultural heritage and allow visitors an opportunity to display their cultures local and international, corporate and informal as well as historical/traditional cultures.

Under the theme: “Appreciating who we are: Celebrating Cultural Diversity”, this fair will also help to establish relationships with people from different cultural heritages across the globe and support creating an enabling environment in which people can work together to build strong socio economic base of Uganda hence feeding into the vision 2040 of prosperous nation, according to the organisers.

They say Uganda is composed of a diverse and rich cultural heritage expressed in arts and performances, social norms, languages, marriage ceremonies, indigenous knowledge systems of nature and environment, music and dances. The cultural heritage comprises of both tangible and intangible that are enshrined in our lives, inherited, recreated that has evolved over time.

A poster advertising the event.

A poster advertising the event.

 “Culture is a strong part of people’s lives, it influences their views, values, humor, hopes, loyalties. Culture provides a sense of identity, social cohesion, self-esteem and continuity of humanity. The diverse cultural heritages are interconnected to one another and therefore the boundaries of ethnic cultures are fluid, they are not pure,” adding that,   “We celebrate the diverse cultures for promoting unified nation in order to build strong pillars of foundation for our young generation and enhancing relationships with one another in order to have an understanding of their cultures for wealth creation and unity,” the notice reads in part.

The ministry of gender together with the other partners have hence called on the public to support the event in big numbers. The say the fair shall offer a sandwich of formal sessions and dialogues on culture, social exhibition of culture. The exhibition will include physical display of what different groups identify themselves with ranging from dressing (Fashion), art and craft, music, dance, drama, poetry, diverse cuisine, wine testing, local brew, historical traditional tales and legends, acrobatics, magic shows among other things in their individual exhibition booths. National Kingdoms, cultural clusters and the international community will be invited to showcase their cultures.

Schools are invited to offer an opportunity to the young generation to learn about the different cultures both local and international and be inspired. Schools will also be a major focus for creating a tourism culture amongst the Ugandan community since behavioral change is more effective amongst the very young as compared to adults.

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