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Mao calls for check on parliament as MPs demand 200m for cars

The piglets left at parliament by the Jobless Brotherhood

The piglets left at parliament by the Jobless Brotherhood Photo: Daily Monitor

The president general of Democratic Party Norbert Mao has asked parliament to check itself as a way to build confidence among the citizens. Mao said this after piglets were this morning thrown at parliament by jobless brotherhood demonstrating against a move by parliament to pay 200 million shillings to members of parliament to buy vehicles.

Mao says that this move is dangerous to the way people perceive parliament and hence there’s a need for parliament to change this image. Mao has also asked the speaker to consider calling for a whole house with the president where all members of parliament will sit and present what they believe are national priorities instead of calling for party caucus  which he says are making people believe members of parliament are only interested in bettering themselves.

Earlier members of parliament demanded for cars of 500 million shillings for each of them. This was sparked by the criticism they are facing from the public over the new proposed 200 million shillings cost for their cars. MPs who include the MP for Masindi district Jalia Bintu, Mbale municipality MP Jack Wamayi and Sembabule district woman MP Hanifa Kawooya said that MPs should be given brand new cars.

MPS said that they are tired of old vehicles which pollute the environment and urged government to consider  provision of brand new cars. Masindi woman MP Jalia Bintu said that they should be given new vehicles at a cost of 400-500 shillings so as they travel in a comfortable way and minimize possible accidents. Sembabule district woman MP Kanifa Kawooya said that the MPs should also be given houses.

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga said that there is a need for publishing the cost of vehicles of other government institutions and agencies so as the public appreciates why MPs should have vehicles they deserve.

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