Al Shabaab rebels plan to start key abductions in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Burundi

Al Shabaab rebels plan to start key abductions in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Burundi

Al Shabaab rebels plan to start key abductions in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Burundi Senior government officials in Kenya, Burundi, Ghana and Uganda are worried after intelligence information indicated that Al Shabaab rebels are planning to start kidnapping them. Security sources in Uganda told one of our security reporters yesterday that Al Shabaab fighters are […]

A Ugandan man arrested in Botswana for disfiguring a woman’s private parts

  A Ugandan businessman in Botswana has denied accusations against him that he abused a local woman and disfigured her private parts. Isaiah Batambuze, 50, based in Botswana admitted to having fallen in love with Tebogo Motlhabani, 41 woman but he refuted allegations that he pulled her clitoris and left them hanging’ as the woman […]

African leaders criticised over International Criminal Court

In his book, ”All Things Pass, Except The Past” Luc Huyse, the author is discussing the world’s conflicts and how the International community has tried to solve them. Some of the world conflicts the author is writing about are in Middle East, Africa and Europe including in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Somalia and Rwanda. […]

List of people violating human rights in Uganda with impunity

There are several reports in the local and foreign media that Ugandan government commits arbitrary or unlawful killings. According to media records available within and outside Uganda, Uganda’s Special Security Forces use excessive force and live ammunitions during joint security operations in various districts such as Kampala, Masaka, Jinja, Wakiso among others resulting into deaths. […]

Human rights violations on increase in Uganda

Uganda is a constitutional republic led since 1986 by Gen. Yoweri Museveni of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, whom many people in Uganda now believe has turned into a ‘total dictator.’  Sections of Ugandans reelected him president to a fourth five-year term in February 2011. The 2011 elections were marred by irregularities. State […]

Al-Qaida linked group operates bank in Kampala

There is fear that a suspected Al-Qaida leaning group could be operating a small bank in Kampala where it bases to fund its activities around Africa. Uganda’s security intelligence is still investigating the validity of the development. The development comes at a time when Al Shabaab Islamists have just hit a Shopping Mall in Nairobi […]

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