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10 NRM officials killed in Ankole


Those people from Ankole sub region have you ever asked yourselves why you don’t have any association/group that brings you together. You don’t have a cultural group, no economic block like Banyankore Kweterana no longer exists, and the MPs from the same region don’t have an Ankore Parliametary forum.

Ankole sub region is the only sub region that doesn’t have a parliamentary forum in the whole of Uganda. There is no opinion leader who can unite the people of Ankore for a common cause. Their political leaders/ministers in govenment e.g Tarisis Kabwegyere are those that are very un popular in Uganda.

When you come from Ankore and you become popular, chances are high you will be dropped. You are dropped from president Museveni’s cabinet! MPs from Ankore apart from Hon. Gerald Karuhanga are the most domant in parliament and outside parliament.

Ankore used to have strong people and respected in government like Hon. Winnie Byanyima, Hon. Miria Matembe, Hon. Amanya Mushega, Hon. John Kazora, the late Hon. Bennedette Bigirwa (RIP), Hon. Dr. Johnson Nkuhe, Hon. Kategaya (RIP), and Hon. Guma Gumisisiriza of then. These were strong politicians and respected leaders. But they were all fought!


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