Over 40,000 Kampala residents need sanitation facilities

By Jude Bukenya, Ultimate Media Despite the various efforts to improve urban sanitation in Kampala, close to 40,000 residents in Kampala still lack access to proper sanitation facilities. The coordinator Kampala Urban Sanitation program, Dr Dan Twebaze says that most people lack facilities like toilets and access to clean water among other facilities. Twebaze says that so far 25,000 people have been given access to proper sanitation facilities by Kampala city council through the Kampala urban Sanitation program. He says that Kampala city Council has received close to 3.8 million euros to boost urban Sanitation developments in the city. Speaking to journalists this morning Twebaze said much effort would be put to construction of toilets and stand water lines which are crucial to most residents in the city. Twebaze says that the effort is aimed at reducing the use of flying toilets especially in suburbs.

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