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Statehouse finally reacts to reports linking Museveni to rebel activities


By Walakira Nyanzi, Ultimate Media

Statehouse has finally furiously reacted to allegations by Dr. Olara Otunnu that President Museveni sponsored LRA rebel activities in northern Uganda.

Dr. Otunnu is the President General of opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC).

Dr. Otunnu is said to have made the remarks a couple of weeks ago on Voice of Lango FM in Lira district town.

On the same radio talk show Otunnu allegedly accused Museveni of promoting sectarianism.

Statehouse warns Otunnu and other opposition politicians to desist from making malicious comments through the media.

Museveni and Kagame salute for each other

The Press Secretary to the President, Tamale Mirundi says Statehouse demands apologies from all radio stations in northern Uganda that allowed Olara Otunnu to air the said accusations.

Addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala today, Mirundi said Museveni and the army helped in restoring peace and resettling people who were displaced by LRA war.

Mirundi threatens that if the radio stations do not abide by the order from Statehouse they will face terrible consequences.

However Dr. Otunnu has called Ultimate Media, The New Vision, The Daily Monitor and all other big media houses in Kampala and maintained that he is having empirical evidence to prove that Museveni supported LRA rebels to stay in the bush, kill, abduct and displace thousands of Ugandans in northern Uganda.

2 Responses to "Statehouse finally reacts to reports linking Museveni to rebel activities"

  1. Dennis Busulwa  April 27, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Dr. Otunnu is least qualified; to comment about the war in the North, because for all his time at the helm of the UN, he never bothered to investigate, later on file a report about the North he concentrated on consolidating his seat instead of advocating for the rights of the people of northern Uganda. At a time like this, when he is in opposition and elections are around the corner, it is very difficult to believe him. If he thought he will reap some political capital out of this, am afraid he may be disappointed. For some of us who have been around to witness the horror and the havoc caused by .L.R.A demand an apology from the diplomat.

  2. Lutaka Gougeris  April 28, 2010 at 3:16 am

    I wonder who is more` qualified than the other to talk about northern war. To allege that Dr. Otunnu did not investigate about the war in northern Uganda is to prematurely believe that he even has no evidence; and yet this will come` out.

    Why should you believe somethings are not others just because elections are around the corner. It has nothing to do with elections. Ugandans want the truth, not lies that have been peddled by killers over the` years. In any case, the NRM has reaped political capital out of lies for decades and yet Ugandans continue to do nothing about it, except Dr. Olara Otunnu who has rightly opened the pandora box for others to debate and find out.

    Watching the ‘horors’ of LRA atrocities is not enough. You need to dig the facts about those who have been killing Ugandans and getting away with it without being disected. This is the time for truth, not apologies.


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