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KCC, NEMA intensify operations against noise pollution

Kampala City Council (KCC) together with National Environmental Management Organisation (NEMA) has intensified operations against noise pollution in Kampala.

Kampala City Council

Kampala City Council

These operations follow stun warnings concerning noise pollution that KCC and NEMA have been issuing both through the media and sometimes directly to the culprits of the operations but which warnings had largely not been taken seriously by the public.

The Acting Town Clerk of KCC Ruth Kijjambu has said in press statement that Ultimate Media has seen that over 10 bodies that have fallen victim of the operations some of which include California Bar and Restaurant, Gabba Beach Events and Kampala University among others.

Kijjambu says KCC has secured court orders against these bodies that were perpetuating noise pollution in Uganda and that KCC will revoke the licence of such bodies if they fail to stop noise pollution.

She says KCC and NEMA are determined to continue fighting this vice of noise pollution such that the rate of noise pollution in Kampala is substantially brought down.

Ultimate Media

One Response to "KCC, NEMA intensify operations against noise pollution"

  1. Ms Ahmad  May 30, 2011 at 12:39 am

    I would like to as both NEMA and KCC director level people including the acting Town Clerk Ruth Kijjambu why they have allowed bars and restaurants to operate in an open aie environment without control when since the 1950s we have City Bye-laws related to entertainment and licence. That residential areas should be peaceful. Why is it that this is happening in an “international capital city” where conferences and high profile meetings take place where in other countries the local authorities use the powers given to them to check the noise emission situation… be it construction sites, traffic and horns or discos and bars including stadium performances like Wembley or Olympia in London.

    We have been repeatedly asking NEMA and KCC for 3 years now to check a hotel in Nakasero right next door to us that just will not stop the level of noise its live performance give out every single Friday 365 days of the year as well as whenever they want to give a party or paid for advertising launch.

    They make money whereas our weekend is destroyed with the rat-a-tat rat-a-tat rat a tat of the drummers and the high bass. We must shut our windows and doors and still hear every shrill squawk or booming MC destroying our sleep and health because it could be 11.30 or 12.30 or 3.45am. There is nobody to check.

    For us there have been lies, more lies and even the past Mayor Haji Sebagala did NOTHING to stop it and it still goes on. All official protocol was observed, letters were written, people requested and sound measurements taken.

    Nobody was arrested and the torture goes on. If your good journalists can highlight this citizen’s pleas, our faith in the power of media will be restored! Thank you


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