DP to petition European Union parliament over Tullow oil questionable deals with president Museveni

President Museveni might have used his powers to direct his minister for energy to sign an oil deal with Tullow Oil without the support of the people he rules, but the wrath of Ugandans keeps on growing every day. The members of the Democratic Party, the oldest opposition party in Uganda have vowed to petition European Union Parliament asking it to investigate the deal oil companies, Tullow Oil and Total signed with Uganda. The party has also threatened to mobilize its supporters to stage demonstrations in case diplomacy fails.

A senior member of DP told our informers that their petition would be faxed directly to European Union parliament because the intelligence network in Uganda reportedly opens and seizes documents which are deemed to be exposing the government dirt. The Democratic Party is also planning to mobilize the members of other opposition parties to join its ranks in fighting the ‘illegal oil deal’ president Museveni carried out with Tullow.

The Democratic Party plans to copy its petition to president Museveni, Uganda Parliament, France and China.  After the government signed the oil deal with Tullow oil, the company immediately sold 66.6% of its shares to China’s CNOOC oil group of companies and Total France.

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