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Why Ugandans want Museveni removed from power before 2016 general elections?

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the current president of the republic of Uganda, he came into power in 1986 and he serves as both the president and commander in chief of the armed forces.

He is the chairman of NRM, a political party that was founded by himself and its financier.

Uganda will be expecting presidential general elections in the year 2016, but before that many people think Museveni must be removed for better of our country Uganda. There many reasons people offer for the same thinking or ideology. Some people argue that Museveni has achieved nearly nothing in the past 20 years he has been president. But in this piece we shall compare Museveni with companies and other heads of states. He claims to have achieved these: Roads, peace, freedom, and economic stability. But to peoples view he has achieved nothing of the above.

His critics say that 70% of usable roads in Uganda were constructed before Museveni came into power. But it should also be remembered that Museveni has renovated over seven roads in 20 years.

President Museveni at a function

The critics say that on peace Museveni created instability by involving himself and UPDF in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan in stealing minerals and timber leading to these governments facilitating rebel groups like ADF, and LRA of Joseph Kony.
Uganda has just started seeing some little of economic stability mostly attained between 1999 to date but this is attributed to three major factors: Ugandans in diaspora, Corruption and Foreign practices.

Ugandans in diaspora have sent billions of shillings in the country leading to infrastructural development but most of these Ugandans have failed to secure or create jobs in Uganda. This money is spent on construction of homes and rentals which adds little to economy apart from beautifying the nation’s outlook.

It is alleged that much of the money running businesses in Uganda is stolen money and this is bad to economy because as soon as there is government change Uganda will be back to ground level.

Museveni is surrounded by frustrated and opportunists people who reportedly want good life and seek for employment. Such people will always steal money since they know that the system is rotten embezzling public funds are no problem to them.


One Response to "Why Ugandans want Museveni removed from power before 2016 general elections?"

  1. kanywani eddie  June 28, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Generally, da statement 95% correct bcz. the guy the whatever small or average he had attributed to the country, is overwhelmed by his streamlined special contenders thru corruption whereby there’s No intervention, so the statement is correct (SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE DONE) compared to 25yrs in power there4 we need prayers. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.


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