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Eating a lot of food before bed time causes weight gain

Eating a lot of foods before bed time is one of the causes of human weight gain in different parts of the world. Weight against is mainly caused by snacking.

Different food types. However good the meal, dont eat and go to bed immediately

Snacking is described as eating too much food without plan. While we snack, we don’t truck our nutrient intake. We get too little protein, as well as fruits and vegetables, which promote health and protect us against illnesses and fight fatigue.

If one must snack, fresh raw produce like apples, carrots, cucumber and boiled eggs are ideal. You should avoid processed foods because they tend to have lots of salts, sugars and chemicals.

Also many people snack on carbohydrates or starches, chips, bread, cereal, pastries and desserts which can result in being overweight or succumbing to stroke.

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