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Analysis: Uganda’s problems is lack of moral values

Uganda’s problem is locked in lack of moral values, norms and virtues and unless Ugandans themselves address this even if president Museveni’s government exits power it will be a mere change of guards.

Our writers have been able to exchange their thoughts with many people and organizations but everyone’s mind has been engraved with formulas of how to get financially empowered quickly.
When you read in the newspapers published in Kampala today, one notices that there is too much lack of morals. For example when you open our newspapers you can not fail to find stories such as woman accused of stealing baby at party, former ministers Kirunda Kivenjinja, Khiddu Makubuya face sanction over corruption, top sex slave dealer nabbed, man sacrifices neighbours son to get wealth etc.
The women and men of Uganda are daily charged with abuse of office and corruption related cases. The university lecturers are often reported in newspapers exchanging examination marks for sex.

By Walakira Nyanzi

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