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Plan to over throw Uganda government, will opposition manage?

It’s easy to point fingers and throw blame at our leaders especially when things aren’t going right or when the country seems to be headed the wrong direction.

But as we cry and demand for change, how can we guarantee that new leaders won’t repeat the same failed mistakes of Uganda’s past history? In other words, how do we avoid dictatorial history from repeating itself?

Dr. Kizza Besigye at a rally

Secondly, what kinds of changes do Ugandans seek? Is it just short-term or long-term political, social and economical changes?

Third, will the opposition or any other political group take the initiative to reform the whole government system; trickling down from top to bottom–national to local, making it more effective and efficient while eliminating corruption, tribalism, incompetence, poor governance, luck of accountability, and preventing civil wars, human rights abuses and restoring the rule of law once it takeover power from president Museveni?

Some Ugandans are fond of raising these questions but let’s us be honest, Uganda has undergone the same cycle of illusion by her leaders since independence; from failed leadership to dictatorship-presidents holding a tight grip on power as if Uganda is a monarch.

The leaders of Uganda many times forget that Uganda was founded based on democratic principles, but not on the NRM political ideology.

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