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Queen’s clock tower goes missing, police keeps quiet

The Queen’s Clock Tower on Entebbe Road, in Kampala was built in memory of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Queen Elizabeth II first visited Uganda in April 28th -30th, 1954. During her visit the Queen opened Owen Falls Dam (which Ugandans renamed as Nalubaale).

It’s now coming to more than a year when the Queen’s monumental clock was stolen from the Tower during the renovation exercise.
When the Queen’s clock disappeared some sections of Ugandans pointed fingers at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA’s) Executive Director, Jenifer Musisi’s men. In fact many people especially in Kampala wanted police to probe KCCA over the disappearance of the queen’s clock.

But the same police kept mum and since that time the Queen of England’s clock went missing at wish.
Uganda is fond of neglecting investigations on people who have abused offices and those who might have walked away with public funds.

Remember former information minister, Kabakumba Matsiko, she was cleared of Mask Theft Case. Other ministers in Museveni’s cabinet like Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, Mike Mukula and Jim Muhwezi etc have been all cleared of corruption and theft charges under mysterious circumstances.


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One Response to "Queen’s clock tower goes missing, police keeps quiet"

  1. Rober Sbalu  October 17, 2012 at 8:16 am

    The picture on your report is of the clock tower in Mabale and not Kampala you should not misinform the public.

    The only problem with the Queen’s clock tower is that KCCA in their wisdom turned it into an advertising tower without even a public dialogue.They earn money from it and could claim that such monies are used to maintain the clock tower.However this in my opinion is wrong because as a monumental gift to the city and important land mark the city authority should maintain the clock tower.The public should also be informed whether the Khassam Lack family who built the clocks in both Kampala and Mbale were consulted.

    This practice OF making money form monuments that was began by KCC is not good and should be questioned.City monuments like big Ben ,heroes corner in Lusaka or the Accra’s famous gate way should be left intact and not abused because they were built to be exposed as monuments and not advertisement


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