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Uganda police probe King Fahd, panic now in town

Senior police detectives have started a probe into the forex bureaus that are operating at the King Fahd plaza in Kampala following reports that some of the money exchanging bureaus on the building are run by conmen.

Sources in Uganda Police say they have learnt that if you change currency at King Fahd Plaza, particularly at Dollar House, watch out. They say they have got unconfirmed reports that there is a Somali cashier who will tell you that your dollar bill has a fault.

That it was washed and is white but the change can’t be seen with naked eye. Then as you leave someone will approach you and offer to change your bad note but give you less amount. Since you are not sure that it is the same bill you had earlier (it could have been switched under the counter) you will agree. The probe has come at a time when some people had started spreading information to people that it is better to avoid King Fahd altogether.

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