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How corruption is done in Uganda


Uganda is one of the African states where corruption reportedly reigns. In most political camps in Uganda, the corrupt person is considered as wise and the non corrupt people are called ‘fools. The political leadership in Kampala has made most people to believe that one can not get riches in Uganda if s/he is not corrupt or has no connections to corrupt government officials. President Museveni has been seen many times reportedly using parliament to shield corrupt public officials.

In Uganda, power is highly concentrated in the hands of the president rather than democratically dispersed to all government organs. It is because of this, that European countries andAmericaand world multinational companies deal direct with president Museveni to get things that they desire such as oil or arms sales, precious minerals like gold, copper and silver…

While the western powers are in touch with the president in order to make deals, the elite government officials often demand favours from organisations and world governments in transactions, which often amount either to outright bribery, blackmail, embezzlement and corruption.


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