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Councilor Luyiga confirms being in bed with NRM


He could be a known opposition politician, but the man representingMakerereUniversitytoKampalaCapital City Authority (KCCA), Mr. Bernard Luyiga has confirmed being in good relationship with NRM.

Luyiga argues that he is in a political relationship with NRM because he is seeking for a collective effort in developing the city (Kampala). Councilor Luyiga says that he as a senior KCCA councilor; he wants to work with NRM regardless of the political ideology of NRM. Councilor Luyiga, though he is a member of DP, has been widely criticised by opposition politicians for siding with “NRM.”
Luyiga says that the opposition politicians and the NRM officials at KCCA need to be united and start checking on the corruption and poor service delivery inKampala.
Councilor Luyiga says that going to court and fighting battles with the technical arm of Government at the KCCA will not help to transform the city, but instead help to expose the KCCA weaknesses.
Luyiga says that refusing to work and cooperate with the Executive Director of KCCA, Jenifer Musisi Semakula simply because she is lawfully appointed by a person the opposition doesn’t agree with politically, is a wrong step.

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