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FDC blames death of Sheikh Sentamu on Museveni

There is no empirical evidence that president Museveni’s government has a hand in the murder of the Muslim clerics, burning of schools in which many students and pupils have been burnt to death. But some members of FDC put the blame on president Museveni and his NRM government.
The FDC coordinator in charge of IT programmes, Warid Lubega Mulindwa shocked the people ofKampalawhen he with out fear he asked Museveni: “Museveni who is next on your hit list this July 2012?. In April 2012 you murdered Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu and you blamed ADF.  May 2012 you murdered Hajji Kiweewa, and in June 2012 you burnt St. Leo’sJuniorSchool(5 kids were burnt to ashes) and quickly you blamed ADF again through your henchman, the Inspector General of police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura.”
“You (Museveni) imitate what you did when you burnt Kichwamba Student, murdered Sheikh Sentamu and shift the blame to ADF. Also, you chopped off people’s limbs, mouth, nose, ears and bum from Northern Uganda and you shifted the whole blame to the LRA boss, Joseph Kony,” Mulindwa Warid alleged in the statement he circulated on social networks on Tuesday.

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