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How conmen steal money using ATM

Police are investigating reports that thugs are using ATM machines to steal people’s money from the bank accounts.

It is alleged that the new Automated Teller Machine (ATM) scam is costingUganda’s commercial banks big sums of money in compensating their bank customers.

The police spokesperson forKampala, Ibin Ssenkumbi says that people have lodged a lot of complaints against different commercial banks. Factors indicate that the ATM bank theft is on increase especially inKampala.

The complainants alleged that the bank confiscates their ATM cards and deducts their money. The thugs tamper with peoples ATM bank card reader and steal their PINs before they use the ATMs to steal people’s money. Police have learnt that the bank ATM robbery is done after the thugs insert an ATM trap that later captures peoples ATM cards.

Police says that the thugs use X-Ray Films to trap peoples ATM PIN numbers. Senkumbi says that the thieves use highly technologically well-equipped science and they are so sophisticated.


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