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Chinese and Americans scramble for Uganda’s uncultivated land


It is strange but true, the Chinese and Americans have started scrambling for the uncultivated land in Uganda, East Africa and the whole of African continent last large. As you may be very aware that over 60% of the land and other resources in Africa are not exploited, Europeans, Asia and USA governments have now focused their attention to Africa.
As a result Africans in Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria and Cameroon among other African countries are witnessing a new trend of Chinese, American and European investors moving to Africa using African money easily moved presidents and governments to grab land and other resources from African peasant
Analysts say that companies like Monsanto Corporation a USA Agricultural giant is not left behind the scramble for African land. It is said that this company is highly involved in the promotion of genetically engineered crops and recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). These Asian, American and European companies don’t bother where the products they produce for African consumption is dangerous to human life.
For example the Monsanto’s Bt Genetically modified corn has been proven by French researchers to cause Kidney and Liver toxicity. Also the feeding of growth hormones to cows is aimed at producing weight quickly and therefore profit. But we feed our children with steroid meat from the cows fed with growth harmonies and this is why our children to day are fattening like camel and Gretel.
At Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute in Uganda they are working on producing high yielding crops e.g. cassava and Mango to mention but a few. The Mangoes produced in Kawanda are giants weighing over 2kgs. But the question is we safe with these genetically modified products?
Many African governments campaign in support of Chinese, American and European re-penetration of Africa arguing that this means developments.
Several African countries are eyeing to introduce Agricultural Industrialization but are they therefore blindly going to introduce the genetically modified seeds, and crops because the aim is to get high yield and profit? However there people across the globe who are opposing the introduction of genetically modified crops. The people of Africa should as well not forget that rBGH milk has been proven to increase breast cancer in women by nearly 12%.

Walakira Nyanzi

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