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Recommended undergarments for women and men


Our reporters wherever you are in the world, you need to do hygiene watch for your undergarments, especially when you are a woman.

When buying panties, knickers or underwear (read undergarments), try to choose those made of cotton fabric or at least those made with cotton crotch.

In fact the best panties, knickers or underwear are usually not equal in size. So choose a brand that fits the larger bums or those fit smaller or medium bums to avoid squeezing it as this may result in deformity. In case of bras, also choose larger ones as small ones can cause breast deformity.

You can then use a sponge to reinforce the smaller breasts. Also opt for loose-fitting underwear to allow aeration. Hang undergarments in open spaces in order to allow them dry and aerate properly.

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