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UPDF investigates Al Shabaab role in Uganda crashed planes


Uganda peoples Defence Forces in conjunction with US air force and Kenya are investigating claims that the Al Shabaab militants had a key role in Uganda’s crashed military war planes.

The three Uganda planes crashed down in Kenya forests on Sunday last week under mysterious circumstances. The Kenya rescue team on Thursday recovered the last four missing bodies of UPDF soldiers inside the burn-out wreckage of one of the three Ugandan military helicopters. The number of the dead soldiers in this helicopter crash was seven.

Sources within UPDF told our informers that US is aiding Uganda to investigate claims that the planes were brought down by Al Shabaab militants over Uganda’s involvement in Somalia war. The Al Shabaab fighters warned Uganda before it took its armies to Somalia that deploying her soldiers in Somalia would rub off the good relationship Uganda was enjoying with Somalia. President Museveni of Uganda, using his chair as president did not listen and took the Uganda soldiers to Somalia. The Al Shabaab kept on advising Uganda to withdraw from Somalia and president Museveni’s government kept a deaf ear. So the suspected Al shabaab terrorists had nothing but to bomb Kampala social scenes in which over 76 people perished and scores of others got injuries. Uganda government intelligence network although it tells people that the three planes crashed due to bad whether, inside its operations suspects foul play of the Al Shabaab militants.


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