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Electoral commission’s impartiality is being tested: FDC Officials

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Forum for Democratic Change Members of Parliament have said that the fixing of nomination time for President Yoweri Museveni which clashes with the time of the FDC party flag bearer Kiiza Besigye is a test of the electoral commission impartiality. This as the Electoral commission is reported to have fixed both the NRM and FDC flag bearer at the same time.

The FDC members of parliament said that their party booked first for their candidate to be nominated at 10 am on 3rd October and were surprised to hear the NRM party claiming the same time and date. The MP for Kyadondo East Semujju Nganda said that they will not accept to change for NRM flag bearer to be nominated before their candidate. The woman MP for Serere district Alice Alaso said that its upto the electoral commission to show its independence over this matter.

In other news, FDC presidential flag bearer Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye confirmed that he is confident of winning the coming 2016 general polls but this time saying he is ready to use defiant means to have the win registered on his side.

Addressing a media meeting on 8th October at his offices in Kampala, Besigye castigated the incumbent for creating unfavorable conditions for the game which according to Besigye are geared towards having him register a mad slide win in the polls which Besigye says will not be observed and asks Ugandans to wake up to reality that they have no powers over the process with the only path remaining is to redeem themselves from the dictatorial regime. He further noted that the electoral commission acts as a walking stick for the president saying this has made the commission partisan as witnessed during the changing of his nomination date and time and instead allocating it to the incumbent.

Dr. Kizza Besigye reminded the citizens that they are not yet independent following the little power they have when it comes to decision making at national level coupled with poverty and lack of jobs. According to Besigye, Ugandans have no hand in the way this nation is governed, how the economy is run, and have no access to factors of production as many have been left homeless by the current regime; and now calls on the citizens to rise up and get back power to fully own this nation for a better future.

He added that at independence the country was supposed to fully take control of everything but it is surprising that the current regime has fully acted like the colonial governments leaving nationals in disparity.

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