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Army MPs should be neutral in their sitting in parliament

Katumba WamalaMembers of parliament on legal committee say that  UPDF should either sit with the opposition or Independent, and still vote as they please. MPs  who include Abdul Katuntu and Sam Otada say that the army MPs should be neutral even in their sitting in parliament instead of them being on the side of the ruling party. In a meeting with the MPs on the legal committee over the Parliamentary Elections Amendment Bill 2015, reviewing the existence of special interest groups, the  Chief of Defence Forces  of the Army, General Edward Katumba Wamala,  says that the army representative is still needed in parliament so that they follow what is going in the government.
Katumba that says they need to consult with the UPDF to get a concrete answer for the sitting arrangements in parliament to give confidence to the citizen over the army neutrality. He explained that the President is the chief nominator of the UPDF representatives in parliament  but he does not have a say on who voted  since they are subjected to vote.
Currently there are 10 UPDF  representatives in parliament and a section of Ugandans and members of parliament are still against their presence in parliament which is currently under the multiparty democracy with the fear that they may become partisan.

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