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CSOs concerned about slow pace of dialogue over Burundi

Photo: Telegraph

Photo: Telegraph

Civil society organizations under the Great Lakes region are concerned about the slow pace at which negotiations/ dialogue to bring back peace to Burundi are being handled with no signs of these to kick off despite the worrying situation in the country. Burundi went in turmoil early this year when president Pierre Nkurunziza announced he was coming for a third term which the opposition opposed even when he was re-elected into power. The disagreements sparked off fighting and violence that has left a number of citizens in Burundi dead and over 200,000 displaced and fled to the neighboring countries mostly children, women and the old being the victims.
Now CSOs are calling on president Museveni (despite his buzy campaign schedule) who was appointed as the head of these dialogues and the different stakeholders like the AU, EAC, UN among others to act immediately before the situation deteriorates.
In a joint press conference held at Akina Mama wa Afrika, its Executive Director Eunice Musiime explains. She says its unfortunate that Nkurunziza who claims to have put Burundi to peace is the one antagonizing it hence a call to look into the drivers of these conflicts and differences and be solves amicably.
Belgium last week said those “whose presence is not essential” should leave because of increasing insecurity.

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