Muyingo blames Kyambogo University Council for fueling wrangles at the Institution.

State minister for higher education, Muyingo.

State minister for higher education, Muyingo.

ouncil have been blamed for all the wrangles and chaos that have been ongoing within the university in the recent past.

For the last three years, Kyambogo University has been entangled in fights from the teaching to non- teaching staffs, students and the administration holding frequent demonstrations that would often paralyse the University activities.

Speaking during an induction retreat of the newly elected University Council, the State Minister for Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo, said that members of the council have been fighting for sections they represent ,instead of acting in unison to forge a common solution for the problems of the university.

Meanwhile, Prof John Ssebuwufu, the University Chancellor said that council members must stop politicizing Kyambogo University as it has been in the past three councils.

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