East African governments should not rush to sign agreements with investors, says farmers expert.

Members of the East African Small Scale Farmers’ Federation have strongly condemned their respective   for what they say is a quick rush to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) with developed countries saying this move has turned out useless to the development and growth of small scale farmers as the investors from developed countries have instead resorted to cheating them.

The national general secretary Kenya small scale farmer’s forum, Justus Lavi Mwololo, insists that such agreements signed by our heads of state are paving clear way to foreign investors to flock the region to then exploit local East African Community farmers and workers.

Mukasa Mbidde, East African Legislative MP.

Mukasa Mbidde, East African Legislative MP.

Speaking to the chairperson EALA committee on communication, trade and investment, Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde on the matter, Mwololo stresses that such pacts have got very great negative impacts to the local industries and small scale farmers.

He notes that he has for many times warned the regional legislative arm to advise their respective governments not to fall into traps of foreigners as he says this will lead member states into economic doom.

Mwololo further warns that if the legislative arm is not listened to, then he will be forced to resort to court to have an injunction on this process.

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