Mukono MP says officials of Operation Wealth Creation Program are denying the poor seeds

Members of Parliament on the agricultural committee have raised concern over the unfair distribution of seeds by Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) under the Operation Wealth Creation Program.

Peace Kusasira, the Woman MP for Mukono municipality.

Peace Kusasira, the Woman MP for Mukono municipality.

The Woman Member of Parliament for Mukono district, Peace Kusasira says officials form the operation wealth creation are distributing seeds to rich people instead of the poor that it is instead for to uplift their standard of living.

Kusasira an example where she explained that on many occasion, the officials are reported to have told residents that to be given seeds, they must have an acre of a piece of land.

Kusasira added that in some districts reports also indicate that the seeds are distributed selectively noting that some people are even given seeds that they did not even request in the beginning.

However, the Assistant National Coordinator of the Program in the office of the President, Major General Oketta Julius blamed the problem on corruption among some officials saying they are trying to re-organize to ensure equity in distribution of seeds.

This was during an interface between the Committee Chaired by Pader Woman MP, Lowilla Otekayot, and a team of Operation Wealth Creation officials that had been led by Major General Oketta.

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