Parents deny their babies HIV treatment, say health experts.

Ugandan health workers strive to improve pediatric HIV service.

Ugandan health workers strive to improve pediatric HIV service.

Health experts have confirmed that 50% of children between 0 to 5 years who test positive for HIV are not always put on treatment blaming it on their parents whom they say keep them away from the health facilities where they could receive treatment.

Dr. Norah Namwenge, the national ART coordinator in the health ministry says that although the country still faces a 35% care and treatment enrollment gap, it would be better for parents to always take their children for treatment at all health centers that offer HIV treatment service to keep the babies health.

Giving the ART coverage in the country, Dr. Namwenge adds that in the year 2015, they saw an increase in the HIV prevalence among the children 1-5 years which stands at 2% with death of HIV clients being one among three.

This death toll now worries health experts who are now calling for quick redress to the factor as the country strives to attain the 90 percent target by the year 2030.

Namwenge further mentions that although the overall number of HIV deaths has decreased, more prevalence are witnessed among the youth and in adult women who are said to be taking the biggest percentage.

She therefore calls for double efforts from all stakeholders if Uganda is to reduce new infections and maintain better treatment services for those living with the disease as all clients are put on treatment.

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