MPs grill works officials over short life span of roads

Minister of State for Transport Bagiire.

Minister of State for Transport Bagiire.

Members Parliament on the  Committee of National Economy have grilled the ministry of works officials led by their State Minister for Transport, Aggrey Bagiire, over construction of roads with short life span which they say gets  worn  out before the projected life span.

Syda Bbumba the Nakaseke woman MP.

Syda Bbumba the Nakaseke woman MP.

While meeting the works officials, the committee chaired by Nakaseke North MP,Syda Bumba together with her team comprising the MP for  Busongola North, William Nzoughu and Amuria  district Woman MP Suzan Amero, expressed their disappointment over the high unit cost of road construction in the country when the projected  roads life span  is questionable.

Nzoughu explained that roads which were constructed in 60s and 70s still existing yet the new ones are already in a poor state.

MP Amero on her part attributed this short road life span to corruption where funds are diverted to personal use and such individuals have become richer than government.

In her observation, Bumba also complained of delayed works on budgeted roads which give false hope to beneficiaries in different areas.

However, while responding to the MP’s concerns, Bagiire said that in the past roads lasted for long because the number of vehicles used on the roads at that time was fewer compared to today.

Bagiire noted that heavy trucks lead the roads to be destroyed easily nowdays.

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