Pan African Parliament urged to advocate for the lifting of sanctions against Sudan

The Pan African Parliament has been urged to adopt a resolution demanding the immediate lifting of sanctions against Sudan.

Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed Sudanese Former Minister of Information and Communications

Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed Sudanese Former Minister of Information and Communications

The former Minister of Communication in Sudan, Mahadi Ibrahim while presenting a report on the impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights in Sudan said that the classification of Sudan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism was without justification or proof and has instead subjected the country to economic, developmental, humanitarian and legal restrictions designed to undermine its growth and development.

He was speaking during a recent meeting of Members of the Pan African Parliament who were sworn in including some members of Parliament from Uganda.

Mahadi added that  Africa is threatened by the alliance of the old colonial powers and forces of neo-colonialism working across borders to destabilize  it and that this  impede the continent’s agricultural, industrial and social development instead entrenches the plunder of its wealth and resources by the neocolonialists.

The Pan African Parliament President Roger Nkodo Dang said African legislators should demonstrate solidarity with its people and government of Sudan and come out strongly to condemn against the sanctions imposed on Sudan.

He expressed gratitude to the governments of Uganda and South Africa for ensuring the safety of President Omar al Bashir of Sudan when he visited them.

Amongin swears in as PAP Member recently.

Amongin swears in as PAP Member recently.

Uganda’s representative at the Pan African Parliament who is also the MP for Ngora district, Jacquiline Amongin, said PAP should stand strong in solidarity with Sudan.

Amongin, noted that several countries in Africa were going through the challenge of conflict and imperialism and that it is important to be united as one continent.




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