China Railways accused of violating worker’s rights, firm denies.

The China Railway Seventh Corporation (CRSC) has dismissed allegations that it is engaged in writing off workers and violating their contracts and have instead argued that they cannot maintain staff when their road construction works contracts have diminished.

This comes after numerous complaints by former workers who accuse management of CRSC of wrongfully terminating their contracts.


Road construction in Kampala city.

Road construction in Kampala city.

Addressing a press conference at their Offices in Kanyanya, CRSC Human Resource Officer, Katsimbura Steven, said they currently employ 700 staff to do road construction at Fairway Road junction, Kira Road Nankulabye Wandegeya road construction and Bakuli Kasubi road construction, but since most of these works are almost completed they have to reduce the numbers.

He has pledged that these people will be invited back when the company signs more contracts.

Max Zin, CRSC Human Resource Manager also dismissed allegations that the corporation has failed on fixing Bakuli Kasubi road saying that they are ready to embark on construction for this road unfortunately KCCA has still failed to compensate the people along this road.

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