Women activists have petition CJ Katureebe over the plea bargain process for criminal offenders.

Uganda's Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe.

Uganda’s Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe.

Women rights activist are set to petition the Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, over what they say are existing loopholes in plea bargain process and its execution.

Early this year the judiciary introduced plea bargain as a means of reducing case backlog.

However, according to Richard Makumbi, a Program officer at the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDIVOP), many sexual offenders have been awarded weaker sentences through this mutual arrangement which has encouraged re-occurrence of the same.

Prisoners basking in the sun in Luzira.

Prisoners basking in the sun in Luzira.

He explained that as mitigation measures, they are compiling a list of such cases which they will present to the CJ, demanding urgent review of this program in light of gender based violence.


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