Government urged to invest in pharmaceuticals for quality drugs

Moses Mulumba the ED CERUDEB

In a bid to improve accessibility to low cost and quality drugs in Uganda and other developing countries on the African continent, states have been asked to quickly think of investing more in setting up or even invest more in pharmaceutical companies than investing these huge monies in projects which don’t yield results that created positive change in the lives of citizens.

Moses Mulumba the executive director, Center For Health, Human Rights And Development (CEHURD) advises that the monies injected in Presidential projects are more less providing help to the country saying that if these funds can be used to set up state owned drug manufacturing companies would help in salvaging the situation that has continued to live for years.

Mulamba while discussing a paper on intellectual property rights with health journalists today says companies like Cipla coming to Uganda and on African continent are not really addressing the burden as they are working under poor conditions that need to be tackled by the states and in Uganda in particular.

However, the programme country director at Uganda cares, Henry Magara demands that health rights be respected as states and development partners committee to the signed protocols if health is to be improved mainly in developing countries.

Health activists now want IPs reversed for medicines to be available at lower costs since many vulnerable patients with chronical diseases like

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