Health experts want government to harmonise coverage of patients

Mr. Joshua Wamboga of Uganda Alliance of Patient’s Organisation as the alternate representative for the local NGOS on the Uganda Country Coordinating.

Health experts together with members of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) representing patients in Africa have called for the harmonization of patients centered health coverage on the continent to help facilitate better and high quality health service delivery for quality life among Africans.

Officiating at the regional conference last Friday, the WHO Country Advisor on Tropical Diseases, Dr. Mugaga Kagwa, who represented the country representative mentioned that having such rights observed by medical experts at health facilities will ensure that all patients will have optimal safety to and also have their lives improved.

Kagwa also called upon government to lower the drug costs so as to accommodate  the most vulnerable patients who are in dare need of quality health services.

However, Dr. Sarah Byakika, of the health ministry in  Uganda  stressed the need to have  patient centered guidelines which she says are very vital in the treatment of most tropical diseases.

She says such guidelines need to be adhered to by medical officers if the quality of service is to be lifted to the desired levels in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

Byakika also pledged Uganda’s full support to the new efforts so that its citizens receive quality services as the country move towards attaining her vision 2040.

Busy ICU in Uganda

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Uganda Alliance of Patients’ Organisations (UAPO), Joshua Wamboga, has also welcomed such initiatives which he says if fully taken on by government will help patients in Uganda and Africa in accessing quality service ranging from treatment to the drugs administered.

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