Worker’s MP applauds public service on dress code

Agnes Kunihira, the workers MP

Worker’s MP Agnes Kunihira has welcomed the newly set up dress code for public servants saying it will inculcate discipline among public servants.

The guidelines issued last week provide that all female officers must not put on clothes that are tight, above the knees and must use long sleeved blouses which are not transparent or revealing parts of the body especially the back and cleavage.

They are also required to keep their hair neat without color, on top of maintaining polished short nails not more than 3 centimeters. The guidelines also restrict them from what is termed as exaggerated make up.

All male public officers are required to put on trousers, jackets and a necktie and will not be allowed to use open shoes during working hours except for medical conditions as recommended by a doctor.

MP Kunihira says this will stop the level of indecency among the populace.

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