How to ease menstrual cramps

Just the other day, I met with two friends. Without dictation our conversation adopted a menstrual turn. Fatuma complained of a back pain and cramps while Tendo dreaded the diarrhea, nausea, headache, vomiting and general body weakness. “It feels like all hell is set loose to every single week in a month”

Well different people are affected in particular ways on a personal basis of this matter at hand. It is also possible to find people who don’t experience pain at all during ovulation.

Cramps during Periods as we know them are caused when the muscles of your womb contract and relax to help shed built-up lining. In some cases we can’t be sure why other women experience severe pains. But some factors that increase in the menstrual pain are an augment in hormone-like substance called prostaglandin which influences your, growths in your womb, endometriosis (abnormal uterine tissue growth) or just starting your period and use of birth control.

Practical home relief;

With mild cramps and discomfort you can tryout the following remedies to receive relief during the ovulation process and if they don’t work, see a doctor to ascertain the cause of severe cramps.

Apply heat on your belly

Heat helps to relax the contracting muscles in the uterus and alleviate cramps. One can use heating pads and patches. If not available Pour warm water in a plastic bottle and place it on your belly. Showering  warm water also helps. Also keep hydrated, Drinking warm water helps reduce cramps and at the same time avoids headaches.

Improve on your diet

An augment in vegetables and a reduction in fat helps abate cramps. A low-fat diet actually decreases overall levels of inflammation in the body. In a month make sure to consume lots of veggies expecting a tolerant experience of periods. Besides fatty foods, avoid alcohol,carbonated beverages,caffeine and salty foods so as to avoid bloating and reduce cramps.

Rather adopt taking in ginger tea, basil tea, cinnamon tea, Blackstrap Molasses, parsley, chamomile tea, and papaya for better days.

Workout for phat results


Making exercise a daily routine in a week helps reduce cramp (pain). For a woman who rarely workout, it seems a bit crazy to think of exercise in the midst of the cramps but working out releases neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins can decrease pain perception. Try Orgasm, Yoga, running and simple stretches so as to stimulate endorphins. Both aerobic exercise and stretching helped soothe period cramps.

Massage with essential oils

Using certain aromatic essential oils by massaging your lower abdomen can also relieve menstrual cramps.  Investigators assigned 48 women with menstrual cramps and other symptoms to massage either essential oils or a synthetic fragrance on their lower abdomen. The women used a mixture of diluted essential oils from the end of one period to the beginning of the next. Lavender, clary sage, and marjoram were used in a 2-1-1 ratio, and the essential oils were diluted to a 3 percent concentration overall in an unscented cream (a solution created, for example, by adding 3 milliliters (ml) of essential oils to 97 ml of an unscented cream). Women in both groups reported less pain, but the essential oils group did better.


If your not dead afraid of needles, acupuncture is another way to needle away cramps. This Chinese ancient treatment relaxes the nervous system which causes a flow of blood in internal organs. Six studies on 673 women using acupuncture with no conventional treatment  (such as anti-inflammatory drugs) showed that they received relief from cramps. Overall, they found that both acupuncture and acupressure could reduce pain, but concluded that more evaluation was needed to be sure.

Take caution to receive the service from from a professional acupuncturist rather than false practitioners of the culture to avert health dysfunctions.

Use the right tools

In this modern day world, women are blessed to have a variety of pads (sanitary napkins) to choose from depending on personal acquiescence of a particular product. Most of the variety are coated with either latex or disposable plastic to which some women are allergic to.

For those who are irritated with industrial sanitary napkins coated with latex, you can always go organic. Made of pure organic cotton and just as much absorbent like those filled with absorbent gel in others.


Look for products that suit your leakage level. They come in different sizes and colours to your appeasement and desires. The thinnest sanitary pads are called the panty liners worn when expecting periods and for those days when your concluding your periods on the fourth or fifth day.

For light bleeders, mini, light, regular or light and moderate sanitary napkins are to use unlike our counterparts who need maxi, super maxi, classic, super long maxi, extra heavy weight, and heavy pads to keep up with their faucet leakage and put worries to bed. Those worn at day time differ from those worn at night. Luckily enough manufactures align them in a way that suits such a difference.

Learning to use the right product give you a peace of mind and reduces stress levels as well as discomfort.

Seek divine intervention

Finally if all fails, seek the one who made you and cast all your concern to Him. He who created you could alter a few things to make your life better.

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