Winnie Kizza roots for harmonious working environment with government

Winnie Kizza, the leader of opposition in Parliament

THE Leader of Opposition in Parliament,Winnie Kiiza,  has stressed the need for  the opposition work  in harmony with government programs that will benefit the local person.

Kiiza while addressing members from civil society organizations who had come to visit her noted that most of the time the people have this perception that the opposition is there to oppose government programs which she says is not true.

She also says that as the alternative government their job is to advise government on its programs to ensure they are well implemented.

Kiiza also tasked civil society organisations to advise the opposition on the things they would like them to tackle more.

This prompted the leader of the delegation, Lydia Kobusingye, the program director,Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) who asked MPs for speedy review of reports by accountability agencies.

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