Foreign Affairs Ministry seeks 10 billion for renovating Uganda house in Nairobi

Minister of State for International Affairs Okello Oryem

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants 10 billion shillings meant for completion of the renovation of Uganda House in Nairobi  re -allocated for establishment of new missions abroad.

The Minister of State for International Affairs, Okello Oryem, said that the court case surrounding the renovation of Uganda house in Nairobi has failed the ministry to use the allocated funds and the ministry of finance is asking for the  return of such funds to the consolidated fund.

He said that such funds should be channeled to development of other missions whose land is idle due to lack of funds, adding that return of this funds to consolidated fund will cause difficulty for the ministry to secure it again for another purpose.

He said that Uganda plots of land which are undeveloped in Abuja,Brussels,Dar salaam,Juba and Washington are undeveloped and country  is at  risk of losing it .

It requires 2.5 billion shillings to establish a new mission and 1.8 million shillings for a consulate


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