Government to finally purchase the anti-pornography machine, says Lokodo

Minister of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr Simon Lokodo yesterday revealed that funds for the purchase of the pornography detector have been approved and very soon the machine will be in the country.

Word in the corridor is that the porn detector will cost $88,000 (about Shs 316, 800, 000)

Lokodo also revealed that a Pornography Control Committee (PCC) has today been operationalised and the inauguration ceremony conducted at the Directorate for Ethics & Integrity. The PCC has been allocated Shs 2 billion.

The PCC is made up of;

  1. a) Chairperson,
  2. b) distinguished practicing advocate, nominated by the Uganda Law Society
  3. c) Five representatives of whom
    One shall represent the Media
    ii. One shall represent Publishing houses
    iii. One shall represent the Arts and Entertainment industry
    iv. One shall represent the Education professionals and
    v. One shall represent the Health professionals
  4. d) Two other members of whom
    One shall represent cultural leaders and
    ii. One shall represent religious leaders

The Pornography Control Committee is tasked with;

  1. To take all necessary measures to ensure early detection and prohibition of pornography;
  2. It will ensure that the perpetrators of pornography are apprehended & prosecuted.
  3. The PCC will collect and destroy pornographic objects/material with assistance of Uganda Police.
  4. PCC will also promote rehabilitation of individuals, families, communities etc affected by pornography. etc


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