Safira Nalule talks to security agencies about keeping suspects in custody

The Member of Parliament for persons with disabilities Safia Nalule has asked security agencies to stop arresting and keeping suspects in custody beyond the 48 hour rule.

Safia Nalule who is also the vice chairperson on the parliamentary committee on Human Rights said that it was absurd for police to torture and keeping the mayor of Kamwenge Geoffrey Byamukama for five months in police cell yet no  serious case was against him.

Kamwenge Mayor tortured after Afande Kawesi’s killings

She said that people should be arrested when there is evidence of the crime committed. Nalule is also concerned that some police  officers go beyond and torture men their private parts .

She said that her committee in few weeks will summon bosses f security agencies to explain why they preside over torture against the civilians when there enough laws to deal with the suspects.

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