Medics given two weeks to compile report on age limit

The legal and parliamentary Affairs committee scrutinizing the presidential age limit bill has given the medical experts two weeks to produce a report determining age impact on leadership.

The committee request came while meeting the members of the Uganda medical Association over the bill led by the Association’s president Dr.Ekwaro Obuku.

The committee chaired by Jacob Oboth had invited the medical association to help them answer the question of age in relation to the health, physical, mental fitness of someone above 75 years of age and whether such a person has ability to lead the country.

According Obuku, they have line up the team composed of pathologists, psychiatrist and psychologists to compile a comprehensive report on the body state of a 75 year old.

The Medical Association of Uganda has requested for more time to consult more experts on whether a person of over 75 years of age is fit to lead the country as a president.

However, Obuku requested that for the benefit of offering credible researched information to the committee to be allowed a period of between two to four weeks to return to the committee.

For avoidance of bias Obuku said that the association has chosen the path of using systematic reviews putting together several studies and shall not use expert opinion during their research.

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