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Opposition warns government over forcing medics back to work

Health Minister Ruth Aceng demanded that doctors return to work immediately

The Leader of opposition in parliament, Winfred Kiiza, has warned government to stop forcing the medical workers who had resorted to strike to resume work before dealing with doctors’ demands to avoid more deaths.

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Kiiza said that government should order medical workers back to work after procuring all the medical supplies they are demanding to be available in government medical facilities across the country.

She asked the president not to brag about the government completed projects when the people who are intended to benefit from such projects are dying because of lack of drugs in hospitals and poor remuneration of medical workers.

She stated that they are tired of Ugandans dying without government responding to the cause of their death.

She noted that government allocated 1.8 trillion shillings for the financial year 2017/18 for health sector improvement but medical workers keep on striking and complaining of the inadequate medical supplies.

She demanded government to explain whether the donors have fulfilled their donation to the national health budget which might have caused the budget shortage leading to inadequate service delivery.

Doctors are now in the second week striking demanding for pay raise, and medical supplies used on patients.

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