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Museveni is still young and alert to be overthrown like Mugabe, Andrew Mwenda

Museveni is here to stay, Mwenda

Renowned journalist and political commentator, Andrew Mwenda, has come out to bash Ugandans, who think the army in Uganda can do something similar to what is happening in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe

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The army has this week, in what appears a s a coup, detained President Robert Mugabe at his Blue room home also taking over the state broadcaster.

Mwenda, calling the act in Zimbabwe a mere sideline of president Mugabe but a coup against his wife Grace,  says Museveni has disbanded the old guard in the NRM and the UPDF with the last one of them being former premier, Amama Mbabzi. Mwenda’s analysis was contained on his Facebook page.

“Almost the entire leadership of the UPDF today was not in the bush. And with the exit of Amama Mbabazi, the NRM lost the last historical with political weight that could resemble that of Mnangagwa. Events in Zimbabwe may hasten Museveni’s elimination of any serious rival for power within NRM’s Old guard,” he writes.

Mwenda continued saying Museveni was still young and alert and that Mugabe lost the plot because he had grown too old and tired to conduct all the intrigues of power. “Museveni is 20 years younger than Mugabe,” he continued.

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Read Mwenda’s entire analysis below:

Lesson for Museveni from Mugabe; and for Uganda from Zimbabwe By Andrew M. Mwenda The fall of President Robert…

Posted by Andrew M. Mwenda on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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