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Reject age limit bill, Kanyeihamba tells MPs

Age Limit About National Cake - Kanyeihamba

Justice George Kanyeihamba has described the controversial age limit removal bill as one dividing and tearing the country into pieces.

Kanyeihamba said so while appearing before the parliamentary legal and parliamentary Affairs committee chaired by West Budama South MP Jacob Oboth-Oboth which is seeking views from different stakeholders regarding the age limit removal bill.

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He said that the presidential age limit was put in the constitution for purposes of equal distribution of the national cake for different Ugandans in most parts of the country.

He asked members of parliament to love their country by rejecting this bill saying it may cause more chaos in the country.

The former Chief Justice, a member of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the 1995 constitution, warned MPs to go slow on the age limit bill because they were never elected to represent an individual but to protect all Ugandans in the country.

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He said that even him at 78 years there people who tell him that he can make a good president.

He said that the bill should not be passed to benefit the current president because since 1970s he has never rested, serving in different political struggles.

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