Government risks losing land abroad, Mutonyi

Government risks losing land abroad, Mutonyi

The chairperson of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Rose Mutonyi, has called upon Government to utilize Uganda’s plots abroad before they are encroached on.

Mutonyi said that, Uganda has got 5000 squares meters of land in Brussels in Belgium ,8900 in Abuja and 1200 square meters  in Juba they which are on high risk of being grabbed if not utilized .

She revealed on how the Ugandan plot in Addis Ababa Ethiopia was encroached on saying it was now difficult to remove the encroachers.

She also disclosed that Uganda was also offered a plot in Washington by US government in order to leave the current area where Ugandans Embassy is located, because of security reasons. 

She said Uganda is failing to raise 5 million dollars required by the US government to acquire the plot in a diplomatic area where all embassies are located so that the country vacates the current area where the current Ugandan embassy is located.

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