Museveni hosts Uganda Indian Community

President Museveni Shaking hands with members of the Indian community.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hosted the Uganda Indian Community to a “Diwali” dinner celebration last Saturday evening at State House, Entebbe.

Diwali is an annual ceremony that marks the ‘start of a new year’ and is symbolised by candle-lighting where priests pray for peace and harmony.

“Indian families have for a long time promoted the commercial sector in both rural and urban Uganda, hence playing a commendable role in modernising the country for national development,” Museveni said.

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“It is only Idi Amin’s regime that saw the Indian community as a problem. People who were and behaved as parasites, and were not engaged in production are the ones that saw the Indians as a problem” He added.

The president urged Indian investors to set up more shops in Uganda which unexploited potential of raw materials in the manufacture of fabrics, steel, dairy and tanning among others.
“We have handled the infrastructure sector. We shall never have the shortage of electricity anymore,” he said.

On completion of the construction of Isimba and Karuma dams,Museveni revealed that the cost of power shall be below 5 US cents per unit. This will bring down cost of production.

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