Museveni to meet parliamentary committee on trade and Industry over Sugar Bill

The parliamentary committee on trade and Industry is set to meet President Yoweri Museveni mid-this month to discuss matters regarding the Sugar Bill 2016.

Hon Alex Ruhunda, the committee chairperson

The committee chairperson, also Fort Portal Municipality MP, Alex Ruhunda, says that among other things to be discussed with the President on the 18th of December is to see how the local sugar producers and others industrialists can be protected from unfair trade competition.

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Ruhunda says besides focusing on the sugar cane growers and other stakeholders, there is need for analysis and assessment of the capacity of local sugar producers  and consider how their survival even with imported sugar.

Ruhunda further explains that considering Sugar cane as one of the high value crops just like coffee, Tea and Cotton, there is need for deliberate efforts to ensure that all benefits from the crop are explored for the benefit of the economy.

The committee that has been scrutinizing the Sugar Bill 2016 has interacted with several sugar cane growers,  proprietors of sugar factories and visited different sugar cane growing areas is now conducting some of its final activities before coming up with a report to parliament in January next year.

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