MPS vow to block GMO bill if re-tabled before parliament

MPS vow to block GMO bill

MPS have vowed to block the GMO bill if its re-tabled before parliament from being passed into law.

Bill was rejected by the president

This bill which is known as Biotechnology and Biosafety bill was rejected by the president on basis that the genetically modified seeds should never be mixed with the indigenous seeds with a view to protect indigenous varieties.

MPs led by  Bufumbira East mp Dr. James Nsaba Buturo say that  its embarrassing and disappointment for Ugandan scientists to continue push for enactment of GMO  bill into law yet  in developed countries such genetically modified crops  rejected.

He explained that the enactment of this bill means that the indigenous seeds will be phased out and every season  Ugandans will have to buy imported seeds  and in case of failure for foreign companies to produce such  seeds there will be scarcity of food.

Buturo expressed fears that the scientists behind this bill want to make Uganda a home for experiments on animals, humans, drugs and vaccines yet this can never be allowed any more in developed countries.

Ngora county MP David Abala  said that  they are to mobilize fellow Mps not to support the Bill on floor of parliament once its re-tabled as means of controlling the dangers its  likely to come along with.


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